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But why?

Updated: Jul 25, 2019

The United States is known for flexing its muscles in the mirror and for others, but maybe we shouldn’t show off so much, and focus on toning up.

(R) China Calls Us Out (as if they don’t have a million and one geopolitical issues)

And honestly, where is the lie? Career foreign service officers, policy analysts, researchers, and anyone else who knows better, could have said (and did) this administration would throw everything, everywhere, off course in various ways. I’ll be reading the white paper this weekend (feel free to nerd out with me).

I may be pro-Palestine (such irony, given my heritage), but even I thought this was just a tad much as a response to this administration and Kushner‘s most recent sigh-worthy options.

(L) This Land

I’m late to the party, I know. This has been on my list for a while, and I’m trying to get through my podcast backlog of downloads. Mineral rights (subsurface rights) is a term mentioned in episode one, and you know I’ll be looking it up more. The host of the podcast takes her family history and links it with following the pending decision (kicked down the road until next session) by the Supreme Court about the land(s) of the Cherokee, Choctaw, Muscogee Creek, Chickasaw, and Seminole nations. We're waiting on the answer to the question: Is half of Oklahoma, Indian County? Naturally, to me, the answer is DUH. This is all Indian Country. But I won't go down that tangent today; doing that won't make them diverge from making a decision based on this country's abhorrent history and ability to find validity in its blatant disregard for honoring agreements made with various indigenous nations.

People always want celebrities to use their platforms and reach to make a statement. That is...until they actually make statements (especially political ones). Ones like Cardi B, who hasn’t exactly been deemed palatable to mainstream white America (unless you count notable phrases & behaviors being imitated), have been taking their political thoughts to Twitter and Instagram. I don‘t #FeelTheBern like she does, but I appreciate how she makes disenfranchised and otherwise disenengaged populations, want to catch up with what politicians are saying.

I had to read this a couple times to really understand all the nuances the author was making. I grasped the big picture during my first read through (and of course, the title), but let be real: to wear more clothing was to be more civilized, and to wear less, made you barbaric. A savage. Jansen makes the following point in different ways: Europe is at the center of fashion and everything is cultural, exotic, etc. in relation because they deviate from what has been deemed the mainstream. Reminiscent of the quote from Toni Morrison: “In this country American means white. Everyone else has to hyphenate.”

(L) In the Thick | Episode: The Vulgarian in the White House

A real ass episode about immigration, how black and brown people are treated in the U.S, and reasons why I eye roll at some of the candidates running for president. That’s it. That’s the episode.

Dear non-millennial readers: you may want to have a seat for this one. It‘s likely a stretch to say that the government is why Lyme Disease is so prevalent, but now lawmakers want to be sure that isn’t worth looking into. Despite Nixon’s ban on government research on biological weapons/warfare, since this was already on a roll, it’s very possible that it continued until it was finished (or at least reached a stopping point).

If we point out that our actions have an impact on our military’s ability to be prepared, let alone go to war, will some politicians take it more seriously? Will that make climate change and global warming worth combating at the federal level? There’s no possibility for an adversary to face-off with our military personnel if the environment already has them down for the count.

(L) Hidden Brain | Episode: For Sale, By Owner

So what if I want to sell my eye? Who’s gonna to stop me? Why are we okay with people exchanging goods, services, money, organs under certain circumstances and ways, but not others are repugnant? Let’s be real, most people have a price.


If you or someone you know is brown or black, or has an accent, the chances of them having been told ”Go back to [insert assumed homeland here].” Me? Been there. Lived that. It may sound odd, but my first instinct is to look at people like the stupid person that they are, and laugh. This IS where I come from, and not by any choice of those at the top of either of my families‘ lineages.

Now that I’ve sold my spit to multiple companies in order to piece together my family history, the smartass in me first asks which of the 8 countries in Africa I should go to, and if they’ll be providing the funds (and land) for such a move. Then there’s the just over 10% of me that is European & Jewish (shoutout to my great great grandparents). Can I get a setup there too? Ya girl got options. And if i really wanted to be rude I could...let me stop.

The NY Times received 16k (and honestly, probably more) responses when they asked people to share about the first time they were told by other people here in the U.S. to “go back.”

(L) Smart Women, Smart Power | Why Women are a Smarter Investment

#GiveYourMoneyToWomen. That’s it. That’s the podcast.

For a country that runs on capitalism, and is so obsessed with money, we sure aren’t investing in the demographic that offers the best ROI... *sips tea*

Don’t even get me started. I’m still waiting to see my additional 2/5ths of humanity in writing as an amendment to the constitution.


Slickin’ Down My Edges

(W) Queer Eye | Season 4 (Yes, all of it. Don't judge me)

This needs no rationale.

(L) KP4B | A K-Pop Playlist (Spotify)

Shoutout to my friend Shawn for hookin’ me up with 6 hours of his favorite jams, so I can explore this genre that seems to be taking the world by storm!

Pictured below: Me, when I keep tabs on the next democratic debate. Watchin’ TV and eliminating options. Show me you have charisma when you talk policy to me.


P.S. My friend @heavenlyskyes told me about a very aesthetically pleasing podcast app called Swoot, and I'm obsessed. Follow me to see just how much of a podcast addict I am, and see what my favorite episodes are!

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