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Pay Attention

For my cis-hetero readers, and non-Indigenous people working to be better allies to the LGBTQIA+ and Indigenous/First Nation communities, this one is for you.

Grab your headphones, put your work IM status on "Do Not Disturb," and close your office door. Tomorrow, you need to be streaming this inaugural event. When focusing on voting blocs, candidates running for office (at all levels of government) only tend to alter their outreach for two minority groups: Black and Latinx (and though there is a difference, people use Latinx and Hispanic interchangeably). This? This is a whole other ballgame. Some of our presidential nominees know just how monumental this is, and somehow just couldn't make it fit into their schedules. Some have even dropped targeted plans to uplift and strengthen indigenous communities (click their name to get to them!).

The schedule (times are in CST):

Monday, Aug. 19: 9 am – Marianne Williamson 10 am – Elizabeth Warren 1 pm – Special Presentation 2 pm – Amy Klobuchar 3 pm – Steve Bullock

Tuesday, Aug 20: 11 a.m. – Mark Charles (Navajo candidate running as an independent) 1 pm – John Delaney 3 pm – Julian Castro 5 pm – Bernie Sanders 6 pm – Bill de Blasio

Stream it here.

(L) Post Reports | Non-binary, pregnant, and taking on the most gendered role of all: motherhood

I am (was?) fascinated by this episode. The rawness. The openness. The willingness. Shaming of parents and moms (by other parents/moms!) is already (unfortunately) pervasive in our society. Now add the layer of being masculine-presenting. Whew. My mother made it a point to make sure that as I grew up, I knew and embraced the fact that it is okay to not confine yourself to heterosexuality; had the word hetero-normative existed/been a part of her vocabulary back then, I'm sure she would have used it. We had short spurts of conversations here and there, but I can't help but think that I somehow already subconsciously understood what she was telling me. However, this thought simply stems from the fact (let's be real, it isn't a surprise to anyone) that one of my favorite [maternal] family members is my only non-heterosexual uncle. He also happens to be the only person on this earth that I allow to spell my name incorrectly. We agree on many things (though I am the one who will say the thoughts aloud and in the blunt way we know it should be proclaimed), our souls see eye to eye, and whenever we talk or get-together, we pick up right where we left off. With so many friends on the gender and sexuality spectrum, this feature really spoke to my heart (it also challenges the societal subconscious and I LIVE for that).

Bonus listen: Call Your Girlfriend | Friends with Babies

Love on your friends with kiddos, y'all. They are overwhelmed (with love, but also with responsibility), strapped for time, stretched thin, in need of adult conversations, and still worthy of friendship.

Kaitlin Curtice is quite revered on #NativeTwitter and beyond. She also says what I say about learning:" I’m constantly asked for resources on how people can move forward learning [...] and I’m often repeating the same thing: read books."

(L) Bobo & Flex | Are you Racist?? Being black in a white world, who gets to be black & white guilt

I am Flex. Flex is me. Listen to her.

(L) Today, Explained | What’s up with the yield curve?

Clutch your change purses y'all, they say a recession is coming. No, it isn't because of the inconsistent economic actions of this administration (but of course that doesn't help), it's just how things work when your country's economy is based in the flawed system that is capitalism. Let the nerds from Vox break it down for you. I may have received high marks in macro and international economics, but it's been about *incomprehensible mumbles* years since I took those courses. Unless we're talking about the dollars that were, and that I wish were in my bank account, economics ain't my forte.

*Countdown to Box Braids*

(L) Bobo & Flex | The truth behind being an Influencer, Instagram toxicity, and the apocalypse

As some of my co-workers may have noticed, I've been listening to a lot of the Bobo & Flex podcast. It's a recent find, and has quickly earned its way into my top favorites. I never wanted to be a social media influencer before, and now.....I still don't.

(L) Latino USA | The Legacy of Dora the Explorer

I was and wasn't ready for this. By the time my girl Dora hit the TV screens, I was out of the target age. However, thanks to being in the awkward grey-area that is the millennial generation, and babysitting, I know her very well. I loved that this tribute (can you to a tribute to a cartoon?) talked about the concept and development phases, the importance of representation, ensuring the portrayal of indigenous cultures and locations are accurate, and how it's come full-circle with having a young woman who grew up watching Dora, play her in the new movie. When I first heard there was a live-action Dora the Explorer movie coming out, I had the epitome of a confused face. Now? I'm going to see it this weekend (you can keep your judgment to yourself!).

Por qué no los dos? You can only simplify complex things but so far. Why not just work your brain muscles and enlarge your tent of understanding?

Those of us with a"unique" name or spelling, will relate. I've been correcting people on how to spell and pronounce my name ever since I learned how to say and spell it myself. And as it's been said: if, in high school, we can maneuver our tongues to be able to pronounce all of the last names "dead white guys" (lookin' at you, Russian and East European authors), we can learn how to pronounce the names of our fellow living humans whose parents took a more...creative route for their name.

P.S. Due to demand, there will be some #ThoughtsFromTheAfro merch available for order soon. Stay tuned! ;)


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