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Who Do I Think I Am?

I’ve been excited and anxious about this week for...well, weeks.

This week was my first time facilitating an online course. Not just any online course. My own curriculum.

When it comes to my passion, my chosen profession (why, oh why 😩), imposter syndrome pops up whenever I go to level up. I was so excited, and ready to dive in when Dare to Run reached out to me about virtually facilitating one of their second semester courses. As the date of my first session got closer, my anxiety began to go through the roof. I was able to channel most of it into creating my course content and practicing my presentations, but as someone who still considers themselves afraid of public speaking...there’s always that little bit that doesn’t go away.

If you told me during my senior year of college that in 5 years, that my political work would include preparing badass women to run for office and be civil servants, I would have scrunched my eyebrow and laughed it off.

And yet, here I am. On the other side of having completed week one. I was met with enthusiasm and focus, and had wonderful support from the Founder/Executive Director every step of the way. I loved having the freedom to incorporate some of my favorite sources (like Pantsuit Politics and NPR) into my guidance, and having intimate discussions with women who are truly invested in increasing the quality of life in their communities.

Week 2 on deck. Let’s change the world, ladies. one district at a time.


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