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You Never Really Know

For those who didn’t receive a calendar reminder: today is my birthday.

Now that it is after my time of birth, I am officially on the other side of 25. For quite a few years now, I’ve been making lists of things to be grateful for, and special highlights. I don’t always share them with “the interwebs,” but since 25 was quite the year, I feel like sharing.

My list from this year:

- Decided to formally become a LLC

- Filed and became a LLC (quick movement on that decision, I know)

- Gained not a one, but two-digit amount of clients

- Got not one but two positions where I’ve dreamed of working since the age of 12

- Removed myself from a toxic living situation

- Reached a stage of financial stability that I didn’t foresee in my future until at least the age of 30

- Restarted my therapy journey (the most successful yet)

- Ended some friendships

- Gained new friendships

- Kept up with my rekindled love for reading (and am set to reach my 2019 book goal of 52 books before the end of the year)

- Traveled to two new states (and soon to be one new country)

- Been more vocal about race issues and combatting societal norms

- Expanded my knowledge of different Indigenous nations

I’m sure there are some I’m forgetting, but this list is a good chunk of it, and it looks pretty good.

Here’s to 26 and all that it holds.


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